Making a positive and sustainable impact

Our purpose is to uplift lives every day by pioneering access to the most affordable goods and services, creating economic opportunity and protecting our planet.

Our sustainability transformation has been supported by a number of upgrades that have helped Shoprite become smarter and have thus made this feasible. We have increased productivity, increased customer choice, decreased food waste, and positively impacted the communities in which we operate by investing in clever systems.

Communities serve as the cornerstone of our enterprise. They are our partners, suppliers, workers, and employees in the end. Our sustainability strategy is fundamentally based on making a difference where we can through #ActForChange and other social activities.

Our contribution to social, environmental and economic sustainability

The sustainability of the environment and society is at the heart of everything we do. There is a compelling case for doing our business responsibly by working to make inexpensive goods and services available to our customers and ensuring that the interests of our employees remain a top priority.

We are still committed to expanding our activities and finding new avenues for improving the quality of life for our employees, clients, suppliers, communities, and the environment.


Employees’ skills development and talent retention

We’ve developed a fulfilling working environment that promotes growth through ongoing efforts to foster talent among our employees and keep it.


Customer Centricity

Our success depends on identifying and satisfying consumer demands, so we work to create a culture that puts customers first and promotes precision retailing.


Supply Chain Resiliece

By investing in technologically-enabled systems and infrastructure, we’re able to maintain and enhance efficiencies in our supply chain.


Socio-Economic Contribution

Our social investment initiatives prioritise young unemployment, skill development, and food security and hunger relief.


Environmental Stewardship

By improving operational efficiencies across our whole organisation, we aim to continuously reduce our environmental impact.

Our position statements

Our purpose and values are shared by the entire group, and we acknowledge that everything we do must respect and uphold human rights. In order to assure cost savings, value chain efficiency, legal compliance, and environmental responsibility, our approach to environmental sustainability also reflects our beliefs.

Our contribution to tackling global challenges

Being a business with heart, we are aligned with the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (UN SDGs), especially where issues are relevant to our business and where we can most significantly contribute to these goals.

CDP Disclosures

RSNL’s CDP disclosure replies provide information on how it manages risks connected to forestry, water, and climate change. An international framework for disclosing these environmental hazards is CDP (previously the Carbon Disclosure Project).

Our partners in sustainable initiatives

Since we are unable to #ActForChange alone, we base our social investment on relationships with neighbourhood communities. These cooperative relationships enable us to scale our programmes and improve more communities.