Want to be a supplier for Nigeria’s largest retailer?

To give our consumers the products they want and need, Retail Supermarkets Nigeria Limited works with a broad network of suppliers, including both local and international businesses. We take pleasure in establishing lasting bonds with our suppliers, and we want to assist you in expanding your business as we expand ours. We expand local economies and generate employment as a team.

We take pride in assisting local firms, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), in finding routes to market and are constantly on the lookout for creative, reasonably priced, and high-quality items.

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How to Become a supplier

Retail Supermarkets Nigeria Limited aims to give consumers products that make their daily lives more convenient. We collaborate with a Nigerian supplier network to help us achieve this goal. Our suppliers are chosen based on their capacity to satisfy our market’s demand for high-quality items delivered on time and with integrity. To continue, choose the appropriate supplier type:

Small Supplier

We are eager to support and assist new suppliers as well as provide them with access to the market so they can expand their operations. A small supplier is one whose yearly revenue is less than ₦200 million.

Medium Supplier

We take pride in developing ties with these suppliers because one of the RSNL’s goals is to assist their businesses in growing. You are a medium supplier if your annual turnover is between ₦200 million and ₦500 million.

Large Supplier

Whether your company has a national or regional presence, the RSNL values professional partnerships with all of its suppliers. Large suppliers are companies with annual revenue of more than ₦500 million.