Meet Our Team

The RSNL team is made up of highly motivated individuals drawn from different ethnic backgrounds across Nigeria. As an organisation that puts the community first, our workforce reflects the value of local hiring as an economic driver towards job creation.

Our decision to source for local talents is a product of moral and economic necessity. We want to build a workforce that truly understands the customers’ wants and needs. For us in the retail sector, the customer is at the centre of our business decisions. With our team, we saw an opportunity to build a legacy of sustainable economic development and we fueled it with our expansion projects across 13 states.

Every community has its unique value system. And our workers are duly trained to step up to the needs of every customer in each community where we operate. As a retail market leader, RSNL team members take the lead in executing ideas built on sustainable values through our community engagement programmes nationwide. We are also an equal-opportunity employer with no discrimination against gender, religious background, age or marital status.

Work at our offices

We offer a range of exciting career opportunities at our various divisional offices across Nigeria. To apply click the button below.

Work at our stores

A wide range of store-environment positions are also available in our operations, including food, furniture, financial and cellular retailing. To apply click the button below.

Youth opportunities

Our youth initiatives will put you on the road to success if you’re ambitious and serious about your future. Opportunities include the Youth Employment Services (YES) Initiative, our Retail Readiness Programme (RRP), and scholarships for study in a variety of academic subjects. By assisting the youth in developing long-term jobs, we actively contribute to the skills development of Nigeria’s next generation through these projects.

With these initiatives, we actively contribute to the skills development of the next generation of Nigeria by helping the youth build long-term careers.

Being part of the RSNL team

With over 2000 employees across Nigeria, RSNL has become an employer of choice. We take pride in being an innovation-driven with over 2000 employees all over Nigeria, RSNL has established itself as one of the top employers. We are proud to be an innovative business with a strong hire-to-retirement model. We also put a lot of effort into finding, keeping, and rewarding a skilled and diverse team. In its operations and business interactions, RSNL is dedicated to preserving and defending human rights.

To help our employees realize their full potential, we make investments in and offer ongoing training and upskilling opportunities by embracing lifelong learning through e-learning programs and other methods.