Hunger relief and food security

Food security and the reduction of hunger are our primary socioeconomic priorities. We seek to eradicate hunger, foster community resilience, and support socioeconomic change through a number of activities. These programmes include the creation of food gardens, the gift of extra food, and the use of our mobile soup trucks to provide disaster relief. Additionally, we offer Early Childhood Development (ECD) education centres critical support.

We collaborate with other organisational partners who do not have the same level of access to beneficiaries as we do, which amplifies our impact even though the size of our operations and activities has a significant influence. As part of fighting hunger in vulnerable communities, we invest significantly in community food gardens to support long-term food security and economic access.

Youth unemployment and skills development

We invest greatly in South Africa’s youth through various development programmes. We achieve this through luring and nurturing young people who align with our employment equity objectives and aspirations, i.e., people with various backgrounds and abilities.

Through important initiatives like our Retail Readiness Programme (RRP), the Youth Employment Services (YES) Initiative, and our large bursary programme, we also assist training and education related to youth unemployment.


Enterprise supplier development (ESD)

We build economic resilience and support sustainability in our supply chain through ESD investments and preferential procurement when it comes to SMMEs. Our focus lies on growing expenditure on SMME suppliers, particularly on black-owned and black women-owned businesses.

Local SMMEs have the chance to expand their enterprises since we give them access to the market through our outlets. If their items are favourably received by clients, we can raise our spending as they expand.