Donations and Sponsorships

Our business is centred on communities. As a result, we are dedicated to helping the communities where we do business through the way we conduct business, our #ActForChange corporate social investment initiatives projects (which are focused on reducing hunger), and by giving to and sponsoring local events.Please review the requirements and exclusions listed below before submitting your application because we receive a lot of funding requests.

Understand our process

All requests must be made through the website’s form. We will consider funding for any applications that adhere to our standards and advance our strategic goals and objectives. We are unable to accept inquiries via phone, fax, or mail due to the large number of requests we receive. Additionally, we are unable to confirm the progress of requests or their reception over the phone.

Even as much as we would love to, we are unable to reply favourably to all aligned requests for financing, thus submitting a request does not ensure funding. For consideration, requests must be made at least 6 to 8 weeks before the event. If your application is accepted, it will be evaluated and taken into consideration, and we will get back to you within a month.

All approved requests must be confirmed on business letterhead from the organisation being represented. Once a year, organisations receive assistance.

Take note of our exclusions

We wish we could support all the worthy projects that submit requests for assistance, however, there are several types of requests that we are unable to accommodate. They include:


  • Requests made solely to benefit one person or family (click here for more information on our Bursary programme)

  • Sporting events and sport teams’ apparel, equipment, buildings and training

  • Tickets for contests, raffles, events or other activities with prizes

  • Advertising, film or video projects

  • Contests and pageants

  • Research projects and/or study tours

  • Conferences and exhibitions

  • Political and religious organisations as direct beneficiaries

  • Family or individual emergency relief (note: the Group supports disaster relief and humanitarian aid agencies)

  • Organisations or programmes that do not benefit the communities within which the Shoprite Group operates

  • Funding required for operational costs and salaries

Please have the following documents and information on hand before completing the form

    • Copy of your Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) Certificate from SARS (if applicable)

    • Copy of your Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) Certificate from the Department of Social Development (if you are a registered NPO)

    • Details of the support you are applying for

    • Two references’ details who can be contacted regarding your organisation’s work