Welcome to Shoprite Nigeria Requests for Proposal (RFP) webpage. We are excited to invite qualified vendors and suppliers to submit their proposals.

This RFP presents an excellent opportunity to collaborate with us and showcase your expertise and

Vendors that are not registered may still tender and if provisionally awarded may register at that stage. Tenders will not be fully finalized without a complete and approved vendor registration process.

Please carefully review the term of reference applicable to understand the requirements and submission guidelines.

NOTE: You are required to download and read the term of reference to gain a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished and how you would be required to operate.
Cleaning Services RFP
Security Services RFP
Uniform RFP
Opening Date
June 9th, 2023
Closing date
June 16th, 2023
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Download CS RFP

Download SS RFP
Download URFP
Submission Guidelines:

1. Deadline: Proposals that are received by Shoprite after the deadline indicated above, for whatever reason, shall not be considered for evaluation.
2. Format: Proposals should be submitted preferably as a PDF document. Ensure that the file is easily accessible and can be opened without any restrictions.
3. Review and Proofread: Before submission, thoroughly review the proposal for completeness, accuracy, and coherence.
4. Submission Method: Forms must be submitted only using the Service Provider’s Official Letterhead/Stationery. You are required to submit the proposal via courier to Shoprite Nigeria, The Palms Shopping Mall or via mail to
5. Please carefully follow these submission guidelines to ensure your proposal is considered for evaluation. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in the disqualification of your submission.

Confidentiality: All information provided in the proposal will be treated as confidential and used solely for evaluation purposes.